(updated in 01/03/2021)


The Big Trail Challenge® is organized by "Mundo de Aventuras" (a registered trademark of Lifetouris, Lda., NIF 509993770 and RNAVT 3143). It is an adventure tourism event, not for competitive purposes but, due to its characteristics, will be a challenge of personal improvement. It is intended to lead the Participants to discover the cultural and landscape potential of Morocco in a mixed, road and off-road route.


2.1. Registrations officially close on 31st of July 2022;
2.2. The participant fee per registration is € 1495;
2.3. Entries are limited to 70 participants in motorcycle and this number can be changed by the organization without any previous notice;
2.4. Participation in the competition is open exclusively to type motorcycle 'trail' and 'big / maxi trail "with a minimum limit of 600cc displacement and adapted to the use off-road. type motorcycle "Rally Raid", "Enduro" of a cylinder capacity exceeding 600cc or type "Maxi Trail" with engine capacity less than 600cc may participate if previously authorized by the organization;
2.5. Registration is done according to the instructions on the website of the event;
2.6. The registrations are only validated after completion and confirmation of the payment with the sending of a proof by e-mail if it is carried out by bank transfer;
2.7. With the completion of registration the participant shall pay 500€ deposit in order to secure his/her place within 48 hours, paying the remaining amount according with defined dates presented in the website on page "2022 Edition". 
2.8. Upon registration, the participant receives a confirmation email from the organization with information about the payment method available.


3.1. Mundo de Aventuras will keep the list of subscribers on the website of the event, in permanent update;
3.2. Participants subscribe to a "Responsibility Statement" regarding participation;
3.3. Participants are subject to the technical and documentary checks listed below. The same will take place on the day before departure at a place to be done and at the moment of accreditation, being required the presence of all motorcycle participants;
3.3.2. Valid driving license for the motorcycle;
3.3.3. Proof of liability and motorcycle assistance insurance valid for Portugal, Spain and Morocco (with an MA extension on the green card);
3.3.4. Equipment protection of the participant indicated above as mandatory;
3.3.5. Motorcycle in good working order;
3.3.6. Off road tires (minimum 80/20);
3.3.7. GPS navigation system (compatible with the use of GPX files);
3.3.8. Registration;
3.3.9. Front headlight and taillight running;
3.3.10. Left side mirror;
3.3.11. Repair kit of holes suitable for the type of tires used (tubeless or with a tube) being dispensed to those who use mousse;
3.4 - All participants must equip themselves with the following mandatory equipment:
3.4.1. Off-road helmet (alternative permissible integral helmet;
3.4.2. Armor protection for the trunk (alternative allowed motorcycle jacket with protections shoulders, elbows and forearms and back);
3.4.3. High End / Enduro or Adventure Boots;
3.4.4. Gloves suitable for motorcycle use;
3.4.5. Off road pants and knee pads (or alternative pants with knee protectors);
3.6. Participants whose bikes, documentation do not pass the technical checks, or who do not have at the time all the necessary protective equipment to participate in the event, will have to make efforts to regularize the situation before the start of the challenge, otherwise they will not be able to participate. If the participant does not guarantee the full regularization of the situation, he may be prevented from participating and will not be reimbursed the registration fee;


4.1. The stages have the characteristics indicated in the website of the event;
4.2. The steps are performed by groupings of participants, who for security reasons must carry out the grouped steps (groups consisting of a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 6 participants).
4.3. There are two levels of motorcycle participation, whose description is indicated on the event website.


5.1. The organization's mechanical assistance team closes the course of the stages starting 5 minutes after the last participant's departure;
5.2. During the stages the organization does not guarantee the participants any assistance when they are outside the GPS track provided;
5.3. The grouping of motorcycles referred to in 4.2 shall be submitted together at the end of each stage.



6.1. Mundo de Aventuras will reimburse a variable part of the registration fee to participants who, because of illness, can not present themselves at the start of the Big Trail Challenge, provided that this fact is communicated, with the corresponding proof, by registered letter within the deadlines defined below and where the amount to be refunded shall be:
- 50% of the registration fee, in the case of communication received until at least 30 days before the event start date;
- 25% of the registration fee, in the case of communication received until at least 20 days before the event start date;
6.2. In case of withdrawal during the stages, due to any eventuality, the participant must inform the World of Adventures immediately through the contact numbers distributed;
6.3. Waivers during the event will not be subject to any refund.


7.1. Without refunding the registration fee, Mundo de Aventuras may, during the stages, prevent a participant from continuing the trip, when the participant fails to comply with the recommendations given by a member of the organization duly identified, or when it jeopardizes his safety or other participants;
7.2. The World of Adventures is sovereign in the resolution of cases not covered by this regulation;
7.3. The present conditions of participation are complemented by the general conditions of participation in force in the World of Adventures - Travel & Expeditions (see here), prevailing the particular conditions on the general ones in case of divergence.